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Auto Insurance and Understanding of Utah Laws

Utah is one of 12 states that have "no-fault" car insurance. This means each driver's insurance company pays for the damage to their client's car. Eventually, the insurance companies settle the matter on their own. The difference in Utah is in the personal injury or bodily injury part of the insurance. In this state, if your medical bills are under $3,000, your insurance company will cover that, and you may not sue the at-fault driver. If that amount is exceeded, you may sue to get reimbursement from the at-fault party's insurance company.

It sounds a little complicated and it is, but the Greg Alldredge Agency is here to help you sort out the details and find the coverage that is best for your situation.

Requirements and Type of Policies

You are still required by Utah to have liability insurance. If you are still paying for your car, or if it has significant value, you may want full coverage. Remember that your insurance company will not pay more than the value of the vehicle for repairs. If your car is worth $1,000 and has $2,000 in damage, it will be ruled a total loss, and you will get $1,000. At some point, you are better off without full coverage.

Collision covers you if you hit something with your car and are at fault. This type of coverage is important when it comes to getting full protection for your vehicle. Comprehensive covers everything else, like a tree falling on your vehicle.

Full coverage also covers you when you are driving a rental car. It will still affect your insurance though. This means anyone you allow to drive your vehicle would be covered in an accident. Also, keep in mind that the deductibles and liability limits you choose will affect your rates, and that is a balance you will have to determine yourself.

Stop by the Greg Alldredge Agency today to get all the details about car insurance. Give us a call or visit our office to get information about rates and quotes. We can help you sort out the details and find the best policy for you.

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