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Home Insurance

Buying a home is not only a major investment, but it is also a major financial commitment that will last for decades for most people in Utah regardless of what happens to it. This is why it’s so important to protect your investment for the long-term. If something does happen, what will you do if you have to make serious repairs to fix any damage and ensure the house is still inhabitable? The best way to protect you and your home is through a home insurance policy to cover the cost of repairs and replacement through the Greg Alldredge Agency.

Types of Homeowners Policies

There are eight types of insurance policies. The policies include:

  • HO-1: This is the most basic type of policy a homeowner can get. It covers damages resulting specifically from fires, explosions, lightning, hail, windstorms, theft, vandals, vehicles, aircraft, riots, and volcanoes. It should be noted that this policy does not protect against other things like earthquakes, flooding, and other fairly common occurrences depending on where you live.
  • HO-2: This policy includes the coverages found in HO-1, but you also get protection from falling objects, snow and ice damage, frozen pipes, and HVAC equipment, flooding, and power surges.
  • HO-3: This is the type of policy most homeowners prefer to obtain because of the extra amount of coverage it provides. All the provisions in a HO-2 policy are included plus you get liability protection in case someone gets injured, or their property gets damaged when they visit your home.

There are also renters (HO-4), comprehensive (HO-5), condo (HO-6), mobile home (HO-7), and historic homes (HO-8) policies available.

How to Choose?

The best thing to do is to meet with an agent from the Greg Alldredge Agency to go over all your needs and determine what type of policy will cover you the best in Utah. Call us today and get the financial protection you need for your home.

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