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Umbrella Insurance Coverages

Umbrella Insurance

The primary purpose of insurance in Utah is to provide financial protection to you, your family, and your business in case something bad happens. However, standard auto, home, and commercial liability policies have pre-set limits on how much it will pay out. The amount the policies pay may or may not provide all the financial protection you need to protect everything you own. If you need more liability protection than what a standard liability policy provides, you need to consider adding an umbrella insurance policy to your group of insurance policies through the Greg Alldredge Agency.

What is Umbrella Coverage?

An umbrella policy covers claims such as those for:

Bodily Injuries: Bodily injuries occur when someone gets hurt and needs to seek medical treatment. You can be held liable for the medical costs and any resulting loss of earnings when a person cannot work if the injuries occurred either on your property or as a result of any actions you took that led to the accident. The injuries covered include:

  • Injuries to anyone resulting from a car accident where you were deemed to be at fault for causing the accident and is held liable to pay for everyone who is injured, medical bills, and other financial losses.
  • Injuries caused by your pet if they attack and bite someone.
  • Injuries that occur while someone is on your property and gets hurt in a fall or from the result of some other calamity.

Property Damage: You can also be held liable for any property damage resulting from an accident you have been deemed as being responsible for causing. An umbrella policy provides extra protection to cover:

  • Damage to all the property you hit with your vehicle whether it’s a car or a fence.
  • Damage caused to property by your children and pets.

Special Provisions: An umbrella insurance policy can also cover you in the event you are ever sued for such things as slander, libel, false arrest, malicious prosecution, mental anguish, and more.

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You need to do a full appraisal of your insurance needs to determine what type of umbrella policy is suitable for your needs. In Utah, the place to call for umbrella insurance is the Greg Alldredge Agency. Call us today so that we can start on your insurance review right away.

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